The Wanderer

Not all those who wander are lost.

Introducing The Wanderer, a chic cottage retreat crafted by the visionary minds behind Batson River Brewing & Distilling. Our mission was clear: to fashion a sumptuous alternative to traditional hotels, seamlessly blending resort-style amenities with an atmosphere of tranquility. The outcome is an ensemble of 17 cottages, ranging from cozy to spacious, adorned in pristine white clapboard, along with a two-bedroom house that artfully marries classic New England allure with the laid-back ambiance of a surf lodge. Complementing this, we offer a lounge pool, inviting fire pits, lawn games, and a complimentary breakfast to enhance your stay. Nestled in a serene locale mere minutes away from Kennebunk Beach and downtown Kennebunkport, The Wanderer provides the perfect haven for those seeking a harmonious fusion of adventure and repose after a vibrant day.

The View